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Camper (mis)Adventures – Part III (Soggy Dreams)

2010 August 1
by shana

Soggy Dreams

The latest installment of Camper (mis)adventures:

The one thing the previous owners said with total confidence was that the happy little camper didn’t leak. Yay!  Now that I have gone through a couple good rain storms here in Canada, that is just one more statement that can’t be backed up. Rain has come trickling in from at least a couple different spots. Boo! I am hoping it is limited to those two small areas which are not going to have that much of an overall effect. (effect = damage)

And yet, even this uninvited rain inside my sweet little camper hasn’t put a damper on my spirits. I know that had I known all of this going in I wouldn’t have bought the camper. (who would? – at least not without a considerable price cut that is, and since I am inclined to believe the previous owner was trying to recoup his losses, I imagine he wouldn’t have budged on the price much) And then, this journey so far would have been a different one all together.

I will admit I have had mixed feelings about the camper life so far. On one hand, it is great. I have a great shelter (for the most part… when it isn’t raining…). It is easy set up and take off. But on the other, it is a little cumbersome and limiting, as well as the extra tax on vehicle and gas. So… we will see if the camper and I continue down the road together or whether we will go our separate ways. Time will tell…

The obvious lesson here is buyer beware. But I think there is more to it than that. I think it is a lesson in that sometimes even a leaky boat will get us across the river if that is where we need to be. And that maybe we are not meant to travel down the river even if we might be tempted to, but rather we are to cross it, so we are provided with a vessel that will only serve the purpose it is meant to. And a leaky boat is better suited to a short voyage than a long one, but can still get the job done if we utilize it as it is meant to be utilized. This little camper helped get me on the road, and maybe that is exactly what it was meant to do, even if it is not meant to accompany me on the entire journey.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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