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Many Glacier & Babb

2010 August 24
by shana

Many Glacier Park Entrance Sign

I almost didn’t drive into Many Glacier. I almost didn’t stop at the Babb Store. Really, the fact that I did both was the result of a newlywed couple and their choice of a parking spot. Funny how something so minor can completely change your direction.

I was on my way out of St. Mary and on my way to the US/Canadian border en route to Waterton National Park. I just wanted to stop at the Post Office on my way through before I left the country. There was really only one good place to pull in and park with my camper, but there was a little Subaru parked there with “Just Married” written on the window. The guy was sitting in the car with the door open and looked like he had either been there a while… or would be there a while. So, I decided to loop around and go back to the Many Glacier turn off.

It was a very, very, very bumpy road. (And yet, such a small foreshadowing of what the future held.) Of course, it was a beautiful drive despite the “rough road” as the sign had warned. Peaceful… well other than the jostled part. Not too many other cars. I was excited to see the lodge and hoped to get a good picture. Well….

There were soooo many people at the end of the road. I couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere. Any. Where. There were not any to be found; camper or no camper. I finally pulled over on a turn out along side the road at one point just so I could quickly run to the restrooms before hitting the bumpy road on the way back.

I stopped at a couple spots on the way back to snap a few pictures, but it was really windy and I didn’t want to take too much time because I still had a lot of ground to cover. So I slowly bounced my way back to the highway.

Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montana

When I got back to Babb, I remembered I was low on water and thought I better pick some up, just in case. Water is one of those things that you just always need to make sure you have enough of. Always. I walked through a time warp as I walked into the little store. It was like it had never changed from when it was first built. The inventory had changed but everything else was the same, or at least made to look that way. I picked up some water and then went to retrieve my camera to take a few shots.

Babb store, Montana

Babb store near Glacier National Park

I was told the antique shop next door was also a place I should go, so I swung in for a quick perusal. (Ladies, just between us, there was some really fun vintage dresses in there that were priced quite reasonably. Had I more than a zero need for adding a vintage dress to my limited closet space right now, I would have picked one up myself.)

Antique Glasses at Babb antique store

And after all of this, I didn’t even end up stopping at the Post Office. Sometimes the detours are more important than our original destination….

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