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I Heart Banff

2010 September 13

Fence & Flowers in Banff

I can’t put my finger on what it was specifically, but I heart the town of Banff. I just do. I was comfortable there, I had good hair days, I felt more inspired, the sky was bluer….

Ok, maybe the sky wasn’t bluer because it rained probably half the time I was there. But  I even had less of the rainy day doldrums in Banff. I have spent time at other tourist towns, but to me there was a different vibe in this community. It just suited me. I wanted to stay. I actually considered it. I even looked online at jobs and saw there was a 14 month graphic design position advertised…hmmm….

Park walkway in Banff

But, I couldn’t stop my trip so soon… I had just started. I couldn’t already plant myself, at least not for that long. And, I didn’t even know how to go about arranging to work in Canada. So, I was satisfied to just stay the three nights there and wander around town before heading out for Alaska again.

Overlooking Banff

I didn’t even take my camera with me most of the time. I just wanted to experience the place, rather than primarily observe. I wanted to sit in it… experience it.

Banff Street Scene

I walked my dog along the river. We walked down main street and saw smiles appear on people’s faces as they noticed my dog. One couple even made identical “ooohhhh cute” faces simultaneously. He has that way about him. He is a good looking dog if I don’t say so myself, but it is also his happy demeanor that makes him an attractive dog. Unfortunately, there were also a few people who were terrified of even the mere sight of any dog, so I had to try to anticipate that because my dog thinks everyone should be his friend.

Ok, people are all really just stick throwers to him, but to him all stick throwers are created equal. He doesn’t understand that some people don’t like him just because he is a dog; just because he is furry and four legged with a big slobbery tongue that can water an entire flower garden with no more than the 4 cups of water that fit in his dish.

Bridge in Banff

He has developed a habit over the years when he meets new people. He will let them pet him just long enough to see that they are even slightly interested. Then he disappears and the people start to comment on how he must not like the attention or must not be interested in getting a pet or two. And usually, by the time they finish commenting he has found a stick and dropped it at their feet and is looking at them with painfully hopeful anticipation of having more fun than…. ah who cares, just throw the stick, huh, it will be fun, more fun than not doing it, please, see my cute tail wagging and begging…. I usually tell people that the test is really not to see if you will throw it, but for how long. And that if they were smart, they wouldn’t start. But if they seem to know what they are getting into and they insist, well, by all means I welcome the relief pitcher.

Banff Scene

He also has the uncanny ability to find a stick anywhere. Part of the reason for this is that he has a very loose interpretation of what a stick actually is. He came and set a piece of wood barely bigger than a toothpick on my leg once expecting me to throw it for him. Other times he will bring almost an entire tree, and if you kept walking down the trail ahead of him, you usually find this out by it smacking the back of your legs. Unless it was too big for him to carry, and you heard him dragging it along behind you. It wouldn’t even occur to him that I could not throw a big branch like that further than he was already standing from me. The materials used are much less important than the actual activity as far as he is concerned. And… if he can fetch in the water, then he is in doggie bliss.

Bench along the river in Banff

Luckily, he is actually starting to tire out a bit over the years so I could take my journal down to a bench facing the river and write for a bit without breaking my concentration with a slobber stick landing in my lap. But even sleeping he draws attention. A couple came over and asked if they could pet him, and we ended up visiting for a few minutes. I have heard that dogs are a good way for singles to meet other singles. I am not sure about that, but you do have a pretty good chance of meeting dog lovers and exchanging niceties with other dog owners as you act like your dogs don’t have their noses attached to each other on polar ends.

Banff Street

I didn’t recreate much in Banff, which I know is probably a shame because it is great country and I am sure there is a lot to do. But, I felt really productive and inspired there, so I took advantage of that and just worked most of the time that I was not strolling around town.

Banff Clouds

After three nights, I left Banff with the hopes of returning someday when I could spend even more time, or possibly focus on recreating more than working. But for now, Banff is at the top of my list for favorite town along this journey so far.

Houses in Banff

ps – if you click on the photos they will resize to fit your browser window. 🙂

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  1. Jonas Esten-Thomas permalink
    September 13, 2010

    I love it.

  2. Betsy Dougherty permalink
    September 27, 2010

    Ahhh, a true Dog Lover I see! Thanks for such a great tale of his adventures too. I found myself smiling and enjoying the moment too. Loving the posts.

    • shana permalink*
      October 8, 2010

      Thanks Betsy! He is a character and I sure do love him!

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