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Dawson Creek – Mile 0 of The Alaska Highway

2010 November 12

Alaska Building in Dawson Creek, Mile '0' of Alaska Highway

The temperatures had started falling at night. The mornings were chilly and it occurred to me that Fall might already be creeping in. I assumed that as I traveled North that the temperatures would continue to fall.

When I drove into Dawson Creek I realized my assumptions were wrong. The lower altitudes brought higher temperatures. I peeled off layers until I was setting up my camper in just a tank top and still had a few drops of sweat beading up on my brow and nose.

I had been spoiled staying in the park campgrounds. They were in the trees, along rivers and streams, and were peaceful even amidst the buzz of all the campers. The bathrooms were nice and were usually pretty clean.

Now I was back in the realm of private RV parks in more urban areas. The hustle and bustle was a different kind. I stayed at the Mile ‘0’ RV park on the way out of town. It was right along the highway so it was visible and easily accessible. However, as with almost any major highway, there was litter scattered between the campground and the road, some of which inevitably finds it’s way into the RV park.

After I had unhitched and had my camper set up, Koji and I went for a short walk around the campground to stretch our legs. As anticipated, there were others making their way to Alaska or on their way back home. The RV park was quite full, and I was able to get one of the last spots. I also started to notice there were a lot of color-coded groups. Adults and children alike wearing bold colored t-shirts with the likes of “Crazy Cathy’s” or “Jumpin’ Jim’s” in block letters that had been heat transferred on. I never did ask, but (using my keen powers of observation) I deduced that it was most likely a family reunion.

I hadn’t shaken my camera blahs yet, but I did manage persuade myself to capture one shot of the brightly painted “Alaska” building downtown. I then gathered some water and a few groceries, filled up my gas tank, and then I headed back to the campground to try to get some work done that evening. The next morning I would be on my first day of traveling the Alaska Highway!

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  1. Jonas Esten-Thomas permalink
    November 12, 2010

    Awesome. Finally in Alaska.

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